Daf Yomi – Sanhedrin 38

A great honor to teach the “daf” – the daily page of Talmud, with lots of beautiful messages about the human’s creation.


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1 Response to Daf Yomi – Sanhedrin 38

  1. Sheryl Nureck says:

    My dear Michal –  You look bootiful!! & oh so learned… teaching the “daf” (new word for me, toda). Indeed, a great honor for you! Most happy for you! Most happy to have you share this moment with the many of us… Be well. Stay safe. These are unsettling times, to say the least… Best! to you & your children. xo S. (… I’m making strides… in my reading of the Torah. I find Deuteronomy particularly affecting… Maybe it’s because Moses is soon to die & I don’t want to lose him…)

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