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Sukkot: The Holiday of Temporary Housing and More

Sukkot: Vignettes On chol hamo’ed – the intermediary days of – Sukkot, I do what all Israelis do: go out to nature. Bear Mountain is less than an hour away with trees in unbelievable fall colors, beautiful lakes and stunning … Continue reading

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Almost Shabbat, Almost Sukkot

Vignette: Throughout most of the day, Riverdale seems like a suburb and not really part of the bustling city, just a couple of miles south. Here’s there are big beautiful trees, nearby trails along the river, gorgeous homes, and people … Continue reading

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Chatima Tova!

Kenneth Bone went from being an undecided voter in the “middle of nowhere” to a national hero after asking a question in the recent debate. Perhaps more than his question, it was the following comment: “I feel like Mr. Trump … Continue reading

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Shabbat Shuva: on Finding Balance – or – Standing and Walking

In Riverdale NY, it seems like the whole world is celebrating this season. First, the weather has been a sunny, pleasant fall; not humid anymore and not yet freezing. Some of the famous trees are starting to change; there is … Continue reading

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