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Isaac & Yishama’el in the Holy Land

Life is an emotional experience, which explains why rationalizing things does not always help us take their emotional impact away; and which explains why when you escort your kid to the “Bakum”, you’re not interested in statistics on whether college … Continue reading

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Shabbat Shalom: About Getting Up Early in the Morning and more… מה אתה עושה כשאתה קם בבקר

Vignettes: Hiking on Sunday morning around a random, beautiful lake near Oakland NJ. Many of the red-orange-purple leaves have already fallen, and the trail is often lost under the crinkling sound. I’m walking in a golden-copper forest. “I got likes!”! Facebook has created … Continue reading

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Lech Lecha, go…

Vignettes: Manhattan. 11 o’clock at night. Breathless after another session of Israeli dancing in the city where one can dance more than 7 times a week, I grab my stuff and run to the subway. There is a moment of … Continue reading

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Noah & the Lit Ark, Talmud in the Streets and more

Vignettes: I have received plenty of warnings about the East Coast winters, and specifically the New York storms, wind tunnels, dirty snow, black ice and what not, all things I’m awaiting with great apprehension, “leafing” through websites for warm clothing, … Continue reading

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