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Isaac & Rebekah

The couples of the Torah continue to fascinate me. This week, we are visited by Isaac and Rebekah, the only couple of the forefathers who maintains a complete monogamous relationship. No maidservants, no second wives, and even in times of … Continue reading

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Home & Homeland: where is it?

Sarah passed away and Abraham takes matters into his own hands, looking for a wife, first for Isaac and later in this Torah portion, also for himself (and some major commentators will tell us he got back together with Hagar). … Continue reading

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Yes Dear: An Intervention in Abraham and Sarah’s Tent

Jane: Honey, what is that wooden sled still doing here? Jakie almost broke his head tripping over it when we walked into the garage! You know how much I hate it. I told you to throw it away!! Joe: Honey, … Continue reading

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Counting Adam, Noah, Abraham…

The publication of the recent Pew survey has brought us back to the number game: how many are we? How may on us in the U.S.? In CA? How many of us are Israeli? Russian? Under 18? Under 40? Over … Continue reading

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