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Peace be the Journey

 When you’re on the road, time changes shapes and forms. It’s easy to lose count of days. Weeks seem like days. Days seem like weeks. One travels far in order to say, this looks like somewhere else’, said Yehuda Amichai. … Continue reading

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Pinchas: a model to what not to do

Whoever divided this and last week’s Torah portion must be the spiritual great, great grandparent of modern day suspense movies. Last week, we left the Children of Israel in the middle of a turmoil. After Bil’am’s failure to curse the … Continue reading

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Hope: some day it’s all we got

A whole nation held her breath for 18 days, hopeful. “To be a realist in Israel, one must believe in miracles”, said Israel’s first primeminister David Ben Gurion, and this is how we grow up, this is what we teach: … Continue reading

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