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The Art of Kvetching

Kvetching is an art. How to combine the right amounts of nagging, whining, flattery, with a good cause that needs attention? As we’ll see, the recent film “Inside Out” provides us with a great illustration: It’s the difference between Sadness … Continue reading

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The Dilemma of the Oaklandish – Israeli Expat and more

The Dilemma of the Oaklandish-Israeli Expat Due to family circumstance, I ended up this past Tuesday evening, in one of Oakland’s “taverns”. The place, reeking of deep fried oils, meat and beer, was packed with “loud and proud” Golden State … Continue reading

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ReJewvenate – check out my campaign on Jewcer!

Linkedin is announcing it’s time to celebrate my work anniversary: 2 years since I’ve become a freelance writer, educator and some (dance teacher, tour guide, public speaker, student in a PsyD program and more…); 2 years since the “infamous” publication … Continue reading

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