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Corona Journal (3) ימי הקורונה

Our building’s “va’ad bayit” (house committee) sent out an email letting us know that the building’s cleaning lady is now working from home, so please don’t be too messy in the public areas. And I thought, mmm… the next day, … Continue reading

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ToD: Tractate Shabbat (13b): About Troubles

Chananya ben Chizkiya ben Garon is known for hosting, in his attic, an interesting meeting between the sages of Beit Samai and Beit Hillel. The era is most likely right around the destruction of the 2nd Temple and Great Revolt … Continue reading

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Corona Journal day something (2) – English & עברית

כבר הרבה זמן יושב איתי רעיון: “ישיבה-אשראם”. מקום שישלב יהדות ויוגה, חוכמות מזרח ובית. חלום גדול. וגם פשוט ביותר. הלוא הבאנו הכל מכל העולם, אוכל ותבלינים ולבוש ומוסיקה וצעדי ריקוד, אז למה לא גם תירגולת בריאה לגוף, מתיחות בקר וערב, … Continue reading

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Tod: Reading to Candle Light – Tractate Shabbat 12b – מהדף היומי: לקרוא לאור הנר, מסכת שבת

G-d willing, when we emerge from this, there will be much to research about the impact on social isolation on our lives, health and well-being, and yes, I know about zoom and facebook streaming, even live, and skype and look, … Continue reading

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Corona Journal, day something (1) יומן קורונה, יום משהו

It’s Corona day something; I don’t have a count. It just started and already seems like forever. I’m taking a morning walk into the Carmel park; it’s a glorious spring day before the next storm, before the next ‘don’t go … Continue reading

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ToDY: Shabbat 2:a: Why start Shabbat here (and now)

The transition from Tractate Brachot to Shabbat is abrupt. To those who love a good legal debate, it’s a delight; those of us who enjoy midrash and dreams and stories, it’s more of a shock. What are our dear rabbis … Continue reading

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A little something for Purim

Purim, what a day! And the megillah, what a story! The only book in the Tanach where G-d’s name is not mentioned, or is it? There’s an idea that wherever in the Scroll of Esther it says, hamelech, The king, … Continue reading

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Taste of Daf: Siyum Brachot and some local scenes

With recent world health mayhem, you’d think the streets would be empty, but no. On a crowded city bus, a young Arab mother in traditional clothing with baby in stroller and shopping bags, strikes a conversation with an older religious … Continue reading

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