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Yom Hazikaron: Remembering – במותם ציוו לנו את החיים

As kids we were taught early on to give up our seat on public bus for an older person, but, as the story goes, when my brother, about four or five years old at the time, was told to get … Continue reading

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Everywhere I go… * …לכל מקום שאני הולך

Long ago (and far away, as it turns out), when I was teaching 4th grade, we got into some amazingly deep conversations. One of them was about the Jewish People and the Land of Israel. We talked about how this … Continue reading

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The Extra 8th Day

A beautiful spring has sprung all over Riverdale. The “sticks” near the river are growing soft, velvety green covering, while flowering trees bloom with intense colors. It’s all so beautiful that I can’t remember: was there a winter here? ever? ******* … Continue reading

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The Hidden Middle of the Torah and Pesach as a love Song

Vignette: The most commonly heard words in Riverdale this week before Pesach: “We’re going to Israel!” And my most used word? “OMG!!” because after all the snow and ice, I saw a flower, and that means, there is hope. On … Continue reading

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