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The Modeling Frog – צפרדע לדוגמא (הצפרדע הדוגמנית) – דף ופרשה

My aunt of blessed memory used to collect frogs; I mean, not live ones, although they did have a small pond in their backyard with which I, the “city girl” (if you can call Haifa a “city”) in love with … Continue reading

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Tractate P’sachim (updates weekly, b”h) – כל דיכפין יתא וילמד… קצרים ממסכת פסחים, מתעדכן כל שבוע, ב”ה

P’sachim 2:a – Ohr LeArba’a Asar: What is this light we’re talking about? and what are we talking about? The surprising opening of Tractate P’sachim עברית & English, Dec 2, 2020 – At the Galilee, picking olives, right before Hanukkah … Continue reading

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Freedom starts with having a name לכל איש יש שם….

Usually we read the Torah linearly: one story after another, one Torah portion after another. But, it’s possible to read it as a spiral. This way, we suddenly notice repeated themes that come up in various places, expanding and shedding … Continue reading

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On potential – the Torah portion of Vayechi

Just before his death, Jacob calls his sons and blesses them. We know how important his father’s blessing was to him when he was young; so much so, that he – and his mom – made sure he gets it … Continue reading

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