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shabba-nukah thoughts

We lit Hanukkah candles and listened to Arik Einstein. In spite of his surprised passing, we too have a few disks of his songs encompassing dozens records, cassettes, albums and disks he left. Especially in light of recent headlines, this … Continue reading

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Jacob Goes to Family Therapy

In another life, I would have liked to be a family therapist to Jacob. “See”, he might say, slumping in the straw chair that I have right near the window, overlooking the Judean hills, “my grandpa tried to kill my … Continue reading

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Jacob & Israel: down low, up high

I’ve begun to think of the Hebrew alphabet as a combination of Chinese and English. It could be that this reflects the fact I do not know any Chinese. Nevertheless, what I mean is that just like in Chinese or … Continue reading

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The Emotional Torah

With all the “firsts” that are introduced in Genesis (read much more in Meir Shalev’s beautiful book), crying is definitely one worth looking into. Abraham cried for Sarah, Joseph will cry with his siblings, the two brothers, Esau and Jacob, … Continue reading

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