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Four Shorts and a Fifth for Passover

(1) The Passover Haggada is a big on “four”: four cups, four questions, four sons. And yet, each one of these fours, has a hidden, less obvious fifth. The most obvious one is that there is a fifth cup on … Continue reading

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A Number Greater than 100?

Once upon a time, as all stories go, there was a poor thief who came across an exquisite coat, weaved with gold and silver threads. Desperate to get his next meal, he rushed to sell it in the market for … Continue reading

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Most misunderstood Torah portion award goes to…

Tazria must win the ‘most misunderstood Torah portion’ prize. The word itself is untranslatable, and it follows by laws of “purity” and “impurity”, two more concepts we don’t understand. Then… Source: Most misunderstood Torah portion award goes to…

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The middle letter of the Torah is….

The middle letter in the Torah is in this week’s reading, and is a Vav. It appears in the word gachon (belly) in Leviticus 11:42. A Torah scroll writer is called a sofer”, which literally means ‘someone who counts’. I … Continue reading

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