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Parashat Pekudei and Another (R rated) P Topic

My teary friend told me that while helping her husband find a document on his laptop, she came across more than 850 porn clips. Yes, she knew he “is a man” and might have watched “one or two here and … Continue reading

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Disconnecting to Connect, This & That, Acquiring Wisdom – 3 pieces on Vayakhel

Disconnecting to Connect: Vayakhel 1 Finally, the biggest miracle is in this week’s Torah portion! Not the Exodus and not the Splitting of the Sea; not the Manna raining from the Heavens and not even the Giving of the Torah. … Continue reading

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The sounds of a party reached Moses’ ears, descending from Mt Sinai. Approaching, he caught a glimpse of a Golden Calf glistening in the sun but after 40 days up there, learning Torah with G-d Himself and harmonizing with the … Continue reading

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Just a couple of words…

“And you shall command the Children of Israel…” this is how this week’s reading begins, rather than in the usual “and G-d spoke to Moses saying”… This is the only portion throughout the Torah since Moses’s birth where his name … Continue reading

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