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Happy Hanukkah – “Light One Candle” with Joseph in chutz-la’aretz

Vignettes: You haven’t actually moved to another place until you spent (at least – more coming…) a day at its DMV… and – After a day of running errands in the Bronx: San Francisco drivers might have topography to contend … Continue reading

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ReJewvenate @ Pardes Grant – Once Again

For the 4th year in a row: ReJewvenate@ Pardes! The ReJewvenate@ Pardes Grant is for someone over 40 who has never had the opportunity to participate in an immersive Jewish learning program and is interested in doing so at Pardes … Continue reading

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Not Buying Skirts for my Boys!

Vignettes: New sounds have entered my East Coast experience, beyond the usual bells and Christmas songs of this season (which are almost completely absent from Riverdale): The heater pipes in the walls with their’ ticks, clicks, knocks and sudden bangs, … Continue reading

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Katonti- let’s dance again

A couple of years ago, Israeli dance choreographer Oren Ashkenazi created the beautiful and by now famous dance “Katonti”. The words, sung by Yonatan Raz’el, are said to be “from the sources”, min hamekorot; those “sources” happen to be this … Continue reading

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On Snow, Fire and the Angels in our Life

It started: that meeting between me and the wind when  we both emerge from behind a building into the open street, she twirls away carelessly while I close my suddenly teary burning eyes over a leaky face. The temperatures creep … Continue reading

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On parents and children and oh well…

In 1938, when my mom was ten years old, her family left Europe. Among their belongings, were family photos sporting her father as an officer in World War I. It was a souvenir of the past, my grandma told my … Continue reading

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