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Sh’ma Abraham! The Torah portion of Vayera

Jane: Honey, what is that wooden sled still doing here? Every time I walk into the garage, I almost trip over this thing! I hate it! I need you to lose it and asap! Joe: Honey! How could you ask … Continue reading

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Lech Lecha Forever….

I loved many things about “Forever”, the relatively new – and excellent – Amazon show, although it took me a little while to figure out and get used to. There are many ideas to discuss, best is the unexpected ending, … Continue reading

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Once upon an Ark – Parashat Noah

The second day of creation is the only day that doesn’t get a “good” (or “very good”) grade. Ten generations later, we find out why, when the flood covers the earth. It is as if G-d blew air into the … Continue reading

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Presenting: the Spiral- the Torah portion of Beresheet

Our story of creation is a crazy story. It should have gone like this: ‘Once, whenever, G-d said poof and there was a perfect world; the end’. Instead, we have this: first G-d makes light. Then S/He says, this is … Continue reading

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