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Korach: evaluating self-evaluation

On a week when we delve deep into dealing with dispute, a little message of peace can’t hurt: * * * * * * * This week’s reading presents us with The “role-model” for machloket – dispute or controversy, … Continue reading

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Parashat Sh’lach-Lecha on the 18th Fl

When the eye-doctor subs for the ear-doctor, he opens his class with: the ear is a very different organ from the eye. Let me tell you about the eye… I think about this silly little story countless times, and again … Continue reading

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Light up the path…

There are 10 different topics and stories in this week’s reading, opening with Aaron lighting the Menorah. The Menorah was made of 7 branches, 9 flowers, 11 knobs and 22 cups (as described in Exodus 25:31-29). The Kabbalists say that … Continue reading

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