ReJewvenate – check out my campaign on Jewcer!

Linkedin is announcing it’s time to celebrate my work anniversary: 2 years since I’ve become a freelance writer, educator and some (dance teacher, tour guide, public speaker, student in a PsyD program and more…); 2 years since the “infamous” publication of my article “40 Plus and Screwed“, raising an issue that is still needs attention, therefore under my “and more” of above.

Which brings us to today: ReJewvenate is now one of the chosen campaigns for one of the month long Jewcer campaigns. The link is attached below. This is a comptetion for a match that can help further ReJewvenate’s cause strengthening two primary prongs: 1. Creating  stronger website for ReJewvenate, and 2. Creating a stronger “ReJewvenate @ Pardes” grant, allowing those who had not experienced immersive Jewish learning a summer at Pardes.

Please take a moment to check it out. Your support is greatly appreciated!!

rejewvenate @pardes



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