weihnachten whining

I love Christmas. Maybe because I don’t have to do anything for it. And maybe because in a strange way it reminds me of my childhood: the very multicultural city I grew up in, when this was a simple, obvious reality, and not an overly used buzz word; the sparkling cards we got from friends and relatives abroad; and my own mother, fumbling with the radio dial to find Christmas songs, waiting to watch the midnight mass from Beth Lechem, just because it reminded her of her long lost childhood in Germany before the War.
On this Christmas morning Zoe, our golden lab, can sense that I’m not going to work and that we’re going on a longer walk, though it’s not Shabbat (she can tell I have my phone). The streets are quiet; the few people out are smiling; most stores are closed; there is the scent of wood burning stoves… I want to get in the middle of the almost empty freeway and yell: guys, let’s do this more often!!


Dear fb friends who are writing messages such as “merry Xmas to all my Christian friends!”, please stop. Who are your Christian friends?? Do you not know their names? Would you really feel personally “blessed” when someone says, ‘happy yum kipur to all my jewy friends’?? Any benefits to that? and sorry for asking, but do you actually have “Christian friends”? I mean, are those who are not like you “Christian”, or are they celebrating the 25th of December because that’s what everybody does today? Do you know the details of their faith? And those of your “friendship”? How many of those do you have?? Then please, write them a real note.

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1 Response to weihnachten whining

  1. Fred K says:

    And  Happy/Frohe Sylvester !! – for the god Janus, whose 2 faces lookforward (to the year ahead) and backward (at the year just past).

     – Fred

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