End of Tractate Shabbat, Starting Eruvin

One of my teachers says that the words “a prayer for a poor man” – תפילה לעני which were made into a song and are originally in Psalms 102, are actually a acronym: the “poor-man”, the “a’ni” – ענ”י – stands for the 3 most difficult tractates in the Talmud: Eruvin – עירובין, Nidda – נידה, and Yevamot – יבמות.

Here we are, closing Shabbat and embarking on Eruvin, with clips in English and עברית (the clips are from Daily Torah Talks & Lunchtime Learning Livestreams with TAIS:

Eruvin, 2-10’ish – in ENGLISH: basics and some interesting ideas:

עירובין, ב-ט: כמה מושגים בסיסים ורעיונות מעניינים

The end of Tractate Shabbat and transition to Eruvin:

סוף מסכת שבת והמעבר לעירובין:


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