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פרשת צו, הדף ובעיקר – האש, האש – The Torah portion of Tzav, a little daf & mostly, the Fire, the Fire!

There are more than 5800 verses in the Torah and almost every day I fall in love with a different one, but this Torah portion definitely holds one of the very top: יש יותר מ-5800 פסוקים בתורה, וכמעט כל יום … Continue reading

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Joseph, Olive Oil & Chag Habanot – 3 shorts for Shabbat Hanukkah-Rosh Hodesh Tevet

Exactly XX year ago, Miketz was the Torah reading on my Bat Mitzvah, and some years later, and many miles away, my son’s too. The bat mitzvah was at the reform synagogue, Ohr Chadash (a new light) in Haifa, Israel. … Continue reading

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Memories, Dreams, Numbers & A Story

Chai (18) years ago, it was my oldest son’s Bar Mitzvah. Six months earlier, our Sacramento shul was firebombed. Moving to a temporary location, we rolled the ark with Torah, and the wood-lattice mechitzah down the street to a nearby … Continue reading

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Not Buying Skirts for my Boys!

Vignettes: New sounds have entered my East Coast experience, beyond the usual bells and Christmas songs of this season (which are almost completely absent from Riverdale): The heater pipes in the walls with their’ ticks, clicks, knocks and sudden bangs, … Continue reading

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