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The morning after (Tish’a Be’av)

Vignette: Hot, sticky summer night, and suddenly – sparks hopping around in the grass and bushes – fireflies! Until now, fireflies appeared only in my kids’ children’s books. Now they are here, dancing. Them and the beautiful, red cardinal, to … Continue reading

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Shabbat Chazon – the Shabbat of vision and looking ahead

You might have seen some of the online back and forth: to fast or not to fast, that is the question. Why fast, they those who’d rather not. After all, we have our land and Jerusalem is our capital. Fasting … Continue reading

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1 Bus, 4 weeks, 42 teens, and more than 2500 miles…

Turns out, the most common question is not – ‘when are we going to get there’? But rather – ‘what are we doing tomorrow’? On the climb uphill, they want to know exactly, what are we doing tomorrow, and is … Continue reading

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