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On memory & celebration, and an invite to see and heal

When the 8th day of Pesach fell on Shabbat, something happened: the Torah reading in Israel, where there is no 8th day, proceeded to the Torah portions in Leviticus, while those of us in “chutz-la’aretz” stayed one more day with … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop Fighting!

The story is famous: Jacob, after 20 years in self-inflicted exile, is on route back to the Land and about to meet his brother, Esau, the one who was the reason for his departure long ago. He is all prepared … Continue reading

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Everywhere I go… * …לכל מקום שאני הולך

Long ago (and far away, as it turns out), when I was teaching 4th grade, we got into some amazingly deep conversations. One of them was about the Jewish People and the Land of Israel. We talked about how this … Continue reading

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אך נזכור את כולם – We Remember. Yom Hazikaron.

As kids we were taught early on to give up our seat on public bus for an older person, and my mom told us to do just that. But, as the story goes, my brother, about four or five years … Continue reading

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That Too –

On a bus the other day in Israel. The usual crowd. The usual route. Then someone notices something suspicious. “An Arab!”, he yells out “Get the police!” The dark skinned young man looks around and realizes he’s the one. He … Continue reading

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Had my father been alive… (גם בעברית, אחרי התמונות)

Had my father been alive, today would have been his 95th birthday. Because of the magic of the calendar (95 being 19X5), this is both his Gregorian and Hebrew day: January 6th, the full moon of the month of Tevet. … Continue reading

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