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Counting as a Sign of Love: Emor, Behar & the 39 melcahot

Counting is an act of love. Initially this statement might not sound so good. It stands in contradiction with what we have been taught and therefore think of love: Love should be free, flowing, feely, not measured… Brrr… I think … Continue reading

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Meeting our Brother in a Foreign Land

Vignette: Walking out into the NY winter morning, all wrapped in my coat, scarf, gloves, hat, still feeling quite warm from the indoor heating system, my first thought is: Yeh, fresh air! Then: 20 some degrees (not Celsius!), eh, not … Continue reading

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A Spotlight on a Family Reunion

About 2½ years ago, I got the first email. It had a lot of “maternal” and “paternal” in it, and a string of family relations I could not follow. The writer told me that he’s been looking for me since … Continue reading

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In Silence

I’m sitting between the embroidered pillows on the purple couch at my aunt’s sunny living room, my feet rubbing against the soft carpet, indoor plants shading us from the slowly accumulating spring heat. In front of me is the mahogany … Continue reading

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