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Kindness + Kingdom = Yom Yerushalayim

We’re in the last week of “The Omer”, or the period of the counting of the Omer, between Pesach and Shavuot. The Kabbalists consider it a special time of inner growth and describe how every week is associated with one of … Continue reading

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Taste of Daf: Siyum Brachot and some local scenes

With recent world health mayhem, you’d think the streets would be empty, but no. On a crowded city bus, a young Arab mother in traditional clothing with baby in stroller and shopping bags, strikes a conversation with an older religious … Continue reading

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Still crazy after all these years…

We’re six years old and the school year is almost over. 1st grade: a red backpack on my back, a lunch pack hanging from my neck. A tight pin in my hair. T-shirt. Maybe shorts, or a skirt. “Comfortable” shoes. … Continue reading

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