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Have you looked to the sky today? הסתכלת לשמים היום? Tractate Shabbat 98-99

The Talmud as a painter; or photographer; seeing images and speaking in pictures… so often the discussion is legalistic and detailed, hard to follow and tedious, then suddenly, an a gentle portrait. We’re talking about carrying between one domain and … Continue reading

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Taste of Daf: Siyum Brachot and some local scenes

With recent world health mayhem, you’d think the streets would be empty, but no. On a crowded city bus, a young Arab mother in traditional clothing with baby in stroller and shopping bags, strikes a conversation with an older religious … Continue reading

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One more (daf) and a bit about Talmud in general

As we say in Hebrew, עד עכשיו צחקנו אתכם… “until now, we were joking”, implying that now, we’re serious. That is, my first two “dapim” (Talmud pages I got to teach) included a lot of lore, beautiful stories, parables and … Continue reading

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