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ToDY: Shabbat 2:a: Why start Shabbat here (and now)

The transition from Tractate Brachot to Shabbat is abrupt. To those who love a good legal debate, it’s a delight; those of us who enjoy midrash and dreams and stories, it’s more of a shock. What are our dear rabbis … Continue reading

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A little something for Purim

Purim, what a day! And the megillah, what a story! The only book in the Tanach where G-d’s name is not mentioned, or is it? There’s an idea that wherever in the Scroll of Esther it says, hamelech, The king, … Continue reading

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Taste of Daf: Siyum Brachot and some local scenes

With recent world health mayhem, you’d think the streets would be empty, but no. On a crowded city bus, a young Arab mother in traditional clothing with baby in stroller and shopping bags, strikes a conversation with an older religious … Continue reading

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ToD: Brachot 55a: Perhaps you were in God’s shadow

The last chapter in Tractate Brachot is a “dream”, because much of it is about dreams, and on that, next week. The rest is dedicated to a catch-all of anything around blessings we didn’t get to until now, like what … Continue reading

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TOD Brachot 46-47: Traveling on a Donkey & washing Hands…

  The Torah tells us to honor parents and my extension, big brothers and teachers. This is one of the top five, and yet it has its boundaries. The question often comes up, what to do in situations of abuse: … Continue reading

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TOD: Brachot 41:a: Who’s on first?

It’s Shabbat lunch and we’re sitting around the table after the “meal”, talking and “schmoozing”, when the host brings in a tray of nuts and dried fruits and some chocolate dessert. Should we say a special blessing? Should we say … Continue reading

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TOD (Taste of Daf): Brachot 34:A – The Power of Blessings, Yeast, Salt & Saying No

I thought of starting like this: “since we are in Tractate Brachot, it may be no wonder that we’re now discussing food and its blessings”. Then I remembered that there are so many discussions about food in every tractate, each … Continue reading

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