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Have you looked to the sky today? הסתכלת לשמים היום? Tractate Shabbat 98-99

The Talmud as a painter; or photographer; seeing images and speaking in pictures… so often the discussion is legalistic and detailed, hard to follow and tedious, then suddenly, an a gentle portrait. We’re talking about carrying between one domain and … Continue reading

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Dy Vehoter – Enough & Too much

Penn Station Saturday night. Delayed trains due to weekend storms. A greatly excited crowd, many kipot, skirts and Hebrew, heading to Washington DC. 18,000 people; 4000 of whom are students. Many thousands square feet of meeting rooms. 50 solid hours … Continue reading

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משונה נחלה זו מכל נחלות שבעולם

Lunch time at Yeshivat Maharat. A very pluralistic group of women and men of all ages and Jewish denominations walks into our beit midrash (study). I walk a bit closer and say a very Israeli, “shalom”! They are surprised: “Shalom??” … Continue reading

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Building a Mishkan- in time and space

95% of couples get together due to a simple musical chairs game. You’re out there playing, dancing around and suddenly, the music stops, and this is it. You could have been fishing in Alaska, hiking in Nepal, diving near Bali, … Continue reading

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constructing the menorah, and life

Sometimes I think my students leave my class more confused than they walked in. We talk about Moses’ leadership traits and delve into the story of the Golden Calf (to be read in a couple of weeks). As we recall, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Pesach Cleaning and Tzav; Shabbat Hagadol and even The Elections

Pesach is here, and with it, the cleaning panic. Everywhere I look there is “stuff”, and in every bit of the stuff, there could be chametz!! The prospect is daunting. It seems like we should spend every wakeful second with … Continue reading

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